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February 2008

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perpetuallydry in gooddinner

Sushi and stir fry

I attempted sushi tonight. And it went horribly awry in my opinion.

I got sushi rice, rice/sushi vinegar, seedless baby cucumber, roasted Nori (that's the seaweed wrapper), and a sushi mat. I did not get a sushi paddle, because I thought I could do okay on my own.

I cooked the rice according to directions, then added some unmeasured amount of vinegar. This might've been my first problem, not using a recipe or measuring. I do that sometimes.

I layed the nori out on my sushi mat, this is a bamboo mat that is strung together and very flexible. Nori is shiny side down. I spooned some rice on, mushed it flat and to the edges of the nori, and fanned it with a towel for a few moments to let it get stickier. I don't think I fanned it long enough either.

I sliced up a cucumber in long thin strips, and set that on the rice, and used the mat to roll everything as tightly as I could.

As tightly as I could ended up making a roll that was about 3 inches in diameter....ridiculous! I tried slicing it, but the ends weren't filled full enough, so they crushed. I tried to eat that part to see how it turned out, and the nori was like plastic and I couldn't chew through it.

So I rolled it up in the mat, and set it in the fridge, because the rice was still warm, and I thought maybe the steam coming out would soften the nori, and make it edible. This actually worked.

I sliced this into pieces...big pieces. I garnished with HOT chili mayonnaise.

The result was, comically gigantic vegetarian "sushi", with inappropriate sauce, and sticky rice on everything, including up my sleeves somehow, and what felt like a thin scratchy layer of rice starch on my entire face, and all the way up my wrists.

My guy ate all of them. And he enjoyed them, though he dipped them in soy sauce instead of chili mayonnaise after the first bite.

I'll probably read a recipe before I attempt this again. I read one long ago, and that's why I remembered the vinegar and to fan the rice.

Sushi experiment...............FAILED.