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February 2008

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perpetuallydry in gooddinner


I've been eating ridiculous amounts of canned soup lately, so I opted to take care of some odds and ends and make "BURRITOS"!

1 can of black beans. You can use refried black beans, which have more seasoning, but they also have more fat. I use whole black beans, and throw a bay leaf in with them while I heat them up.

Carb Control tortillas from Mission. I was hesitant about these, but really, they are softer, and don't need to be heated before you use them. They don't crack like the regular ones do. I don't notice a taste difference either, but I load my up with all sorts of stuff.

Rice. I like to buy this pre-cooked, frozen rice from Trader Joe's because then I can serve it directly from the bag it comes in and microwave it, and it is fast. Plus it is divided into just slightly more rice per bag than the two of us will eat. Not the ridiculous 4 cups or whatever it is if I buy dry rice and make according to instructions. I also like to use various other flavored rice, but I tend to stay away from spanish rice unless I've made some for stuffing vegetables and have left over.

I cut a lime and squeeze the juice onto the rice when it is done. I chop up red bell pepper, which is sweet and crunchy and not hot. I'm a wuss about heat. Chop up some tomatos. I like plum, roma and vine ripened, but I am also known to keep canned (or boxed) diced tomatoes in the cupboard because my guy eats fresh tomatoes like it is his job, so they aren't usually around when I need them.

Some lettuce. Last night we used left over butter lettuce from some salads I made the night before.

I usually serve with sour cream for two reasons, it has less fat than cheddar cheese, and because I've tried it with both and either, and if I have to give up one, it is the cheese. I love cheese, but it just doesn't add as much flavor as the sour cream. This will probably eventually go, because I found a recipe for sour cream, and it turned my stomach. Eventually, I'm going to have to go non-dairy. I'm such a wuss.

My guy likes a bit more heat, so I buy spicy salsa for him. Kroger premium has a black bean and roasted corn that is amazing, and Newman's Own is good too.

2 of these in what is actually probably considered a soft taco shell is a good dinner for me. Fills me up with staying power because of all the protein, and it doesn't have anything ridiculously bad in it. If we have been out doing strenuous exercise, I might make some corn with it as a side, but usually they stand alone. Veggies, fruits, dairy, protein and limited carbs. It's an awesome meal! And fast. The beans heat up on the stove in a few minutes, and you can heat the rice in 2-3 in the microwave, chop the veggies while those are heating up. I'd say 15 minutes total, probably not even that long.